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Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s favorite celebration of art returns to the streets this Saturday, September 29th/30th from sundown to sunrise. The free all night art project takes over downtown Toronto for visitors and Torontonians to experience. Not sure what to see? We recommend visiting the following 14 contemporary art projects at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2018.

Me Too & the Arts

Explore how the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements engage with the arts. This installation invites audiences to ‘learn, reflect and consider their own questions and answers on the issues’.

Modernism on the Ganges

An Installation by visionary photographer Raghubir Singh, exploring how western modernism blends ‘traditional South Asian modes of seeing and representing the world’.

You can see both Me Too & The Arts, and Modernism on the Ganges at the Royal Ontario Museum, only a 10-minute walk away from The Anndore House, JDV by Hyatt.

Places Between

This arts co-op by Muse Projects is a curated collection of visual stories about the domestic world of Canadians. Explore how families have changed in Toronto and the GTA over the years.

Places Between is at Mackenzie House on 82 Bond Street.

Mirrors of Babel

Inspired by the complexity of Indigenous and immigrant voices within Canada, this multipart installation was created by artist eL Seed.

One of the two works of Mirrors of Babel can be found at Yonge-Dundas square.

Continuum: Pushing Towards the Light

A choreography featuring circus artists, dancers, and light will take place in the CF Toronto Eaton Centre bridge over Queen Street West. The ensemble Continuum will create a performance of light and movement throughout the night.

Continuum: Pushing Towards the Light is located within a 5-minute walk from the Pantages Hotel.

Radical Histories

See Toronto City Hall shrouded in jute sacks in Ibrahim Mahama’s spectacular sewn installation ‘We All Have Stories’. By exchanging new bags for old jute sacks in Ghanaian markets, the artist has curated his material to materialize a representation of the ‘complex trade networks of a global economy and invisible labour’.

Radical Histories is located at Toronto City Hall is a 12-minute walk away from the Pantages Hotel.

On Flashing Lights

‘Is this an emergency or a rave?’

Join in on an expression of solidarity and community with Toronto’s queer, immigrant and racialized communities, surrounded by a police car lined Bay Street. A musical and visual installation by Canadian artist Brendan Fernandes. Every hour there will be a moment of silence for the ‘victims of the Pulse Orlando shooting; queer victims of violence past and present; and those who continue to fight for and create space for queer being today’.

On Flashing Lights is only a 10-minute walk from the Strathcona Hotel.

International Dumpling Festival

Explore Toronto’s diverse food scene in Ken Lums collaboration with seven Toronto food vendors to curate a menu of dumplings from all over the world. The food trucks will be accompanied by banners created by Lum representing the public memorialization of marginalized communities.

International Dumpling Festival is only an 11-minute walk away from the Strathcona Hotel.


A tribute inspired by Toronto artist bpNichol, created by composer Christopher Mayo, and video artist Tal Rosner. Lament integrates music, spoken word, images, video, and animations to explore the themes of the 1969 poem.

Lament is only a 12-minute walk away from Hotel Victoria, located at City Hall.


A photographic installation by artist Gayle Chong Kwan exploring the legacy of immigrants and their importance to the character of a city. In Preserved, Kwan links salt with the preservation of memory.

Preserved is only a 12-minute walk away from Hotel Victoria, located at City Hall Green P Parking Garage, Bay Street ramp.


Visit Toronto’s urban park to explore a visual and audio dialogue between nature and the city. The installation by artist David Rokeby focuses on engaging the audience through light and sound.

(G)listening is located at Cloud Gardens, only a 12-minute walk away from the Novotel Toronto Centre.


Celebrate Toronto’s diverse and evolving immigrant communities through soundscapes and visual projections by artist Dubmorphology. Mixing historical Toronto media with new photography, videos, and sound clips from the city, the Holy Trinity Church will come alive with sound and light.

Transmutations is located at Church of the Holy Trinity, less than a 20-minute walk away from the Novotel Toronto Centre.


Participate in the installation that interactively invites Torontonians to pinpoint three places in the city that are important to them. This collaboration between futurists and creative technologists explores blurred lines between neighborhoods and neighbors in real time.

Intersections is located at 150 York Street, only a 20-minute walk away from the Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown.

From Toronto, with Love

A transformation of 24 vintage suitcases by individuals working with a diverse selection of artistic mediums. Viewers are invited to draw and sign the ‘guest book’ suitcase.

From Toronto, with Love is located at 130 King Street West, less than a 20-minute walk away from the Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown.

Brian Tige

A born-and-raised Torontonian, Brian is an urban adventurer with a passion for exploring his vibrant city. He loves discovering Toronto’s diverse cultures, culinary delights, and iconic landmarks, from the bustling Kensington Market to the art-filled Distillery District. On weekends, Brian can be found attending festivals at the Harbourfront Centre, tasting the latest food trends, or cheering on local sports teams. A dedicated community member, Brian’s enthusiasm for Toronto inspires others to appreciate the city’s beauty and excitement.