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Coming to the 2019 Collision Conference? One thing’s for sure: you’re going to want to try some of the area’s restaurants while you’re here. The Canadian National Exhibition grounds are not fully used until the CNE in late August so you won’t find too much in the immediate area (with one exception noted below), but the nearest neighbourhood, Liberty Village, has a wealth of options to try.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Scones with apple butter jam! Savoury cheese tarts! Porchetta pancakes! Salads with sprouted legumes and seeds! Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, a longstanding Liberty Village favourite, combines comfort and gourmet food in the most delectable ways. It’s open on weekdays for b’lunch, weekends for brunch and Wednesday to Saturday for dinner. 85 Hanna Avenue

Liberty Commons at Big Rock Brewery

Billing itself as a proper Canadian brewpub and BBQ joint, Liberty Commons is all about celebrating the union of good food and good beer in good company. With Toronto hospitality stalwarts Oliver & Bonacini taking care of the eats and Big Rock Brewery overseeing the beers, you really can’t go wrong here. There’s a Big Rock beer store for take-aways too. 42 Liberty Street

Acqua Dolce

On the Exhibition grounds, with beautiful views of the lake, is Acqua Dolce, the nearest restaurant to the Collision Conference. This Italian restaurant and event space has a waterfront patio, a garden and a fountain, and it can accommodate up to 500 seated guests. The focus is on Southern Italian food, like pizzas, carpaccio, salads and grilled meat and seafood. 50 Prince Edward Island Crescent


Cozy, stylish and clean, InJapan serves reasonably priced Japanese food quickly. Though the quality is not outstanding, the sushi, sashimi, bento boxes, and tempura shrimp and veggies are all just fine when you’ve got a bit of a craving. 124 Atlantic Avenue


The quaint and friendly Maizal serves up authentic Mexican cuisine, with tortillas made from maize they grow themselves in North Toronto. (They also grow their own tomatillos, garlic, flowers and herbs, and they source their corn and beans from nearby Samsara Fields and Against the Grain Farms.) The prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. 133 Jefferson Avenue


Alex Martin

Alex, a true culinary connoisseur hailing from Toronto, has dedicated his life to exploring the world of flavors and sharing his gastronomic adventures with fellow food enthusiasts. With an insatiable appetite for both the traditional and the avant-garde, Alex leaves no dish untried and no ingredient unexplored. His refined palate and adventurous spirit have taken him on countless culinary journeys, from the bustling streets of global metropolises to the hidden gems of rural villages. A natural-born storyteller, Alex has a knack for sharing his experiences in a way that both educates and inspires others. When he’s not busy sampling the latest gastronomic delights, Alex can be found hosting supper clubs, collaborating with local chefs, and leading guided food tours, all in the name of connecting people through the universal language of food.