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Best places for dinner near Novotel Toronto Centre

Novotel Toronto Centre

Whether you’re visiting Downtown Toronto for business or pleasure, you might want to have at least one delightful dinner while you’re in town. Here are some of our favourite spots within walking distance to Novotel Toronto Centre!

Photo credit: Photo Credit: Benares Cucina Indian

Benares Cucina Indian

Walking distance from the Novotel Toronto Centre (4 minutes)

Benares proudly presents a range of interesting and exciting Indian dishes using the freshet and finest of ingredients. Enjoy the diversity of flavours while seated in the unique ambiance of the restaurant and bar.

Photo credit: Photo Credit: @amano.trattoria

Amano Trattoria

Walking distance from the Novotel Toronto Centre (2 minutes)

Amano is the perfect destination for any occasion, and consistently ranked as one of downtown Toronto’s top destinations for Italian cuisine. Every dish is prepared with passion and care by Chef Michael Angeloni and his team, guaranteeing an unforgettable culinary journey.

Photo credit: Photo Credit: @biffsbistro

Biff’s Bistro

Walking distance from the Novotel Toronto Centre (4 minutes)

Indulge in robust, seasonal menus, featuring traditional bistro favourites like steak tartare, duck confit and steak frites. Chef Trenton Pajuluoma shares his love of French cooking with a seasonal menu of rustic yet refined classic dishes that highlight the beauty of simple ingredients.

Alex Martin

Alex, a true culinary connoisseur hailing from Toronto, has dedicated his life to exploring the world of flavors and sharing his gastronomic adventures with fellow food enthusiasts. With an insatiable appetite for both the traditional and the avant-garde, Alex leaves no dish untried and no ingredient unexplored. His refined palate and adventurous spirit have taken him on countless culinary journeys, from the bustling streets of global metropolises to the hidden gems of rural villages. A natural-born storyteller, Alex has a knack for sharing his experiences in a way that both educates and inspires others. When he’s not busy sampling the latest gastronomic delights, Alex can be found hosting supper clubs, collaborating with local chefs, and leading guided food tours, all in the name of connecting people through the universal language of food.