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The Best Cup of Coffee near Novotel Toronto Centre

The Novotel Toronto Centre, located in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood of Downtown Toronto, is perfectly located to visit some of the best attractions the city has to offer. But if you’re having a slow morning and just want to grab a casual cup of coffee or latte, here are some of our favourite spots to visit.


Photo credit: Photo Credit: @thirdwavetoronto

Third Wave Coffee

Walking distance from the Novotel Toronto Centre (5 minutes)

Third Wave Coffee offers artfully produced coffee from sustainably sourced, high quality beans. Their passion for coffee and premium tea shines through the exceptional experience they provide to every customer.

Photo credit: Photo Credit: Aroma Cafe

Aroma Espresso Bar

Walking distance from the Novotel Toronto Centre (7 minutes)

Aroma Espress Bar is the perfect spot to grab not only a delicious coffee, but a fresh-baked pastry or a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast or lunch. The Aroma Cafe chain has been operating worldwide for almost 30 years with cafes in Israel, Ukraine, the United States, and of course, Downtown Toronto.

Photo credit: Photo Credit: @egcoffee

Everyday Gourmet

Walking distance from the Novotel Toronto Centre (5 minutes, inside St. Lawrence Market)

Located inside the St. Lawrence Market, Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters roasts beans on-site every day. They have a curated selection of coffee and tea offerings that will appear to even the most picky coffee connoisseur.

Alex Martin

Alex, a true culinary connoisseur hailing from Toronto, has dedicated his life to exploring the world of flavors and sharing his gastronomic adventures with fellow food enthusiasts. With an insatiable appetite for both the traditional and the avant-garde, Alex leaves no dish untried and no ingredient unexplored. His refined palate and adventurous spirit have taken him on countless culinary journeys, from the bustling streets of global metropolises to the hidden gems of rural villages. A natural-born storyteller, Alex has a knack for sharing his experiences in a way that both educates and inspires others. When he’s not busy sampling the latest gastronomic delights, Alex can be found hosting supper clubs, collaborating with local chefs, and leading guided food tours, all in the name of connecting people through the universal language of food.