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It’s happened again. Despite your best intentions, you’re days from Christmas and haven’t bought a single gift. Here are a few last-minute ideas to take the stress out of shopping.

A Bullet Journal

The journaling craze is still going strong, and bullet journals are the most recent iteration. Advocates say this rapid-fire productivity system is the best way to plan their days, reflect on successes and setbacks, and lower stress levels. What’s a bullet journal, you may ask? Part day planner, part diary and part written meditation, it requires the user to examine their responsibilities, tasks and goals in a long-term context.


Looking for gift ideas for someone who has everything? They may still need this. A chic, upgraded carry-on or a roomy suitcase can make a great gift for busy business travellers and occasional tourists alike. Plus, your friend will thank you for inspiring them to finally book that dream vacation. Take a look at the ratings of the best luggage of 2019 for inspiration. For a less expensive option, packing cubes are a welcome addition to any travel kit.

An Experience

More stuff isn’t always the answer — especially if your friend has just finished a Marie Kondo purge. So give an experience rather than an object. Game or concert tickets, a cooking class, or even dinner together at a restaurant you’ve both been meaning to try are great options and create memories rather than clutter. Best of all, it will give your recipient something to look forward to once the holiday madness has ended. If the event is in downtown Toronto, hotels like the Strathcona and Pantages offer great locations, service and some inspiring packages.

A Charity Donation

Giving more to charity is a goal that commonly pops up at New Year’s. Give your loved one a head start with a gift that gives back — just make sure to pick an organization or cause that will be meaningful to them. Whether it’s supporting ocean cleanup or providing shelter to kids in need, this is a gift that really says you care. If you’re unsure about the best ways to give, Charity Watch rates organizations based on governance benchmarks and financial disclosure.

A Subscription Box

Looking for a gift that keeps giving all year round? Give a subscription like a beauty box or clothing service. It’s a perfect choice for busy friends and those who want to step up their look with less fuss. Also they’ll think of you every time their package arrives at the door. Check out Frank and Oak’s Style Plan — the Canadian company is known for its stylish designs and sustainable production practices.

Nice Sheets

This is an item that everyone should be willing to splurge on — because who doesn’t appreciate a great night’s sleep? If your recipient hates knickknacks, this is a practical gift that’s unlikely to land in the re-gift pile.

Don’t let taxing last-minute shopping spoil your holiday cheer — these practical ideas will help you check off everyone on your list in no time.

Michelle Tye

Michelle, a vibrant and passionate Torontonian, has spent the last several years exploring the hidden gems of her beloved city and sharing her adventures through her captivating blog. As a proud resident of Toronto, Michelle has developed an insatiable curiosity for the city’s diverse culture, food scene, and unique attractions. With a keen eye for detail and a gift for storytelling, she has become an essential resource for locals and tourists alike who wish to uncover the true essence of Toronto. When Michelle isn’t blogging, you can find her sipping artisanal coffee in trendy cafes, attending cultural events, or immersing herself in the city’s thriving arts scene.